South Africa | Hout Bay

South Africa | Hout Bay | Explore #266 20 May 2018

This is a view of Hout Bay, taken from a viewpoint on the Chapman’s Peak Drive. It’s a stunning route to drive, especially in the late afternoon as the sun sets. I can also highly recommend the Hout Bay Harbour Market on Friday nights, with good food and drinks and great live music!


Sunrise over Bagan

Sunrise over Bagan

No doubt about it – our final sunrise in Bagan was a winner.  We watched from the rooftop terrace of a small temple behind Dhammayazika Temple, with only a few other people around.  The start of the sunrise wasn’t that impressive due to haze on the horizon, but later, after the sun was further up, the sky started to glow a beautiful orange color, with the nearby temples silhouetted in front.  This was definitely one of the most special moments of our trip to Myanmar!

Bagan Sunset – Nun

Bagan Sunset - Nun

On our last day in Bagan we went to watch the sunset from Dahmmayan Temple, which boasts a large rooftop terrace with views across the plain to other large temples nearby, like Shwesandaw and Ananda.

As we were waiting for the sun to set, a group of nuns suddenly appeared on the terrace and made several laps around the stupa. They then posed for pictures – an irresistible moment for me with the beautiful temples in the background.

Bangkok Rooftop Panorama


I just got back from a 3 week trip to Myanmar (aka Burma) – it was a fantastic trip, with trekking, friendly people, beautiful temples – and a perfect beach to relax on at the end! I have a very full memory card to post-process as well – it will keep me busy for a while! So expect many, many shots in the near future 😉

To start with, I spent one night in Bangkok at the beginning of my trip, before flying to Yangon. I went to the Red Sky Bar in the evening to watch the sunset from the 55th floor. The sunset wasn’t that special because of the humidity haze, but the view was still spectacular!

This is a panorama of 3 shots stitched together with Hugin, then post-processed in Lightroom.

Dusk Over Dubrovnik

Dusk Over Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is full of tourists, in particular in summer, but take the cable car up to the top of Srd Hill behind the city, and you can get away from the crowds (at least some of them) and have unrivalled views at the same time.  I went up just before sunset, to allow me to take some shots with sunlight and some at dusk.

Montenegrin Horseshoe


Lake Skadar National Park is in eastern Montenegro, on the border with Albania, and hosts a large array of bird life.  This view is taken near the town of Rijeka Crnojevića, where a river flows into the lake.  The town of Rijeka Crnojevića doesn’t have much of interest to be honest, although it used to be where Montenegrin royalty went in the winter to escape the cold weather in the capital, Cetinje.  This view point is a few km outside of the town, along a twisty, narrow mountainous road which is itself off the Podgorica – Cetinje highway.