Crno Jezero (Black Lake), Durmitor National Park, Montenegro

Crno Jezero (Black Lake), Durmitor National Park, Montenegro

I’m not a morning person, but after all I’d heard about the Black Lake in Durmitor National Park, I decided it was time to make an exception and get up for sunrise – and I’m glad I did! I set my alarm for 5:30am, and arrived at the lake just before 6am. The lake was perfectly still and silent except for a few birds waking up. There were a few puffy clouds to catch the light, and the still water gave perfect reflections. After a few shots over half an hour I then went back to my hotel to sleep for an extra couple of hours, and when I woke up again it was cloudy and rained most of the rest of the day!

The shot above is a composite of four exposures – one for the boat, one for the remaining foreground (water and trees), one for the mountains, and one for the sky. I merged them with GIMP and then made a few final adjustments in Lightroom.

Picking Tea

Picking Tea

A woman picks tea leaves in a plantation near Haputale in central Sri Lanka.  Tea pickers work long hours in all weather, and pick up to 100kg of tea leaves per day.  The tea is taken to a factory, where the leaves are dried, sorted, and processed into either loose leaf tea, or tea bags.

Sri Lankan Tea Pickers


Three women picking tea leaves at a tea plantation between Nuwara Eliya and Ella in the Sri Lankan hill country.  The countryside surrounding the railway on this route is covered in tea plantations, and is often named as the most beautiful railway journey in the world – with dozens of waterfalls, mountains, tea plantations, people, and spectacular views.

Tea Pickers

After 2 weeks of travelling around Sri Lanka, I am back online and posting again – so be prepared for quite a few shots from this beautiful island!

Tea Pickers

Tea plantations cover large swathes of land in the Hill Country of Sri Lanka, and as a result tea is a major industry for the country, generating approximately 12% of the country’s GDP.  It is long and hard work however; above you can see two people picking tea leaves from a plantation.  The leaves are then transported to a nearby tea factory, where they are processed and sold to the major tea brands such as Lipton.