Berlin | Oberbaumbrücke

Berlin | Oberbaumbrücke

While most of Europe has been blanketed in snow this week, Berlin has managed (for once in winter) to stay sunny – but it’s misleading since temperatures have dropped to as low as -13C at night with highs of -5C or -6C during the day! Whenever there are several consecutive days of sub-zero temperatures, chunks of ice collect on the river Spree upstream of the Oberbaumbrücke in Eastern Berlin, as shown here shot earlier today during blue hour.


Sri Lanka | Central Highlands Train

Sri Lanka | Central Highlands Train

This is a shot of the train from Colombo heading up into the central highlands of Sri Lanka.

Often referred to as the most beautiful train journey in the world, I have to say that the scenery is stunning. Initially it’s flat terrain, passing through rice paddies and fields, but eventually you head up into the mountains passing through countless tea plantations. Here the train is going round a bend in the tracks, with a tea plantation rising up behind it.

Flower Seller at a Train Station in Myanmar

Flower Seller at a Train Station in Myanmar

I haven’t been very good at posting so far this year…!  This is a shot of a woman selling flowers at a train station in a village near Kalaw in central Myanmar.  We were doing a 2 day trek around Kalaw, and near the end of the first day we took a break at this train station.  While we were there a train came through, and the sleepy village suddenly came to life, with people selling flowers and food, and kids playing on the platform.