USA | Newport Store – Frazzleberries

USA | Newport Store - Frazzleberries

Newport is a beautiful town on the southern coast of Rhode Island – perfect for a day of wandering around checking out little boutique stores and drinking homemade lemonade! This place – Frazzleberries – sells a wide range of home decorations and is a great place to pick up something new for your place.


Indonesia | Ubud – Kite Shop

Indonesia | Ubud - Kite Shop

Ubud is very, very firmly on the tourist trail these days – it’s no longer the quiet little town it once was. But it has managed to retain a certain classiness – excellent restaurants, tasteful boutique shops, and if you wander down side streets you can still find quaint little shops like this one selling kites and textiles.

Sri Lanka | Galle Face Green Vendor

Sri Lanka | Galle Face Green Vendor

Galle Face Green is a large open public space in central Colombo, right on the coast.  In the evenings, dozens of people head here after work, to talk with friends, meet significant others, to play with their children, and to eat.  It’s a busy place, and great for seeing some of the local people.  Here, a vendor with his stall is selling food.

Flower Seller at a Train Station in Myanmar

Flower Seller at a Train Station in Myanmar

I haven’t been very good at posting so far this year…!  This is a shot of a woman selling flowers at a train station in a village near Kalaw in central Myanmar.  We were doing a 2 day trek around Kalaw, and near the end of the first day we took a break at this train station.  While we were there a train came through, and the sleepy village suddenly came to life, with people selling flowers and food, and kids playing on the platform.