Ngapali Beach: Fishing Village

Ngapali Beach: Fishing Village

A final shot from my stay at Ngapali Beach – this is a view from the beach looking towards a fishing village early one morning. I liked the way the sun was filtering through the trees and the smoke from cooking fires.

In the foreground women are at work laying out small fish to dry during the day.

Ngapali Beach: Fishing Nets

Ngapali Beach: Fishing Nets
At the end of my trip through Myanmar, I spent a few days relaxing at Ngapali Beach, a short flight west of Yangon. A brief walk south along the beach was a small fishing village; one morning (before it got too hot to do anything!) I wandered down the beach to take a look.

The men who had been out fishing during the night were busy packing up their nets and equipment, mooring their boats, and preparing everything for the next night of fishing.