South Africa | Tsitsikamma NP Waterfall Trail Hike

South Africa | Tsitsikamma NP Waterfall Trail Hike

Tsitsikamma National Park lies just east of Plettenberg Bay, and is most famous for the Otter Trail, a multi-day trail 44km long which follows the coastline. We only had half a day, so did the Waterfall Trail, which is actually the first few km of the Otter Trail and leads to a waterfall (the name kind of gave that one away!) There wasn’t much water flowing when we got there, but it’s a beautiful hike (and relatively challenging) with stunning coastal views along the way.

South Africa | Lion’s Head from Table Mountain

South Africa | Lion's Head from Table Mountain

We hiked up and down Table Mountain with Lauren from Mother City Hikers recently on a very windy morning. We were hiking on the 12 Apostles side of the mountain, just above Camps Bay. After reaching the top we crossed to the next gap between Apostles to head back down. Just after starting the descent, we got to this viewpoint with the Lion’s Head in the distance and a great view of Camps Bay stretching out underneath us.

Indonesia | Mt. Bromo Panorama

Indonesia | Mt. Bromo Panorama

One of the highlights of a visit to Indonesia is watching the sunrise at Mt. Bromo, in eastern Java. This is a view of Bromo and the Sea of Sand, with clouds gathered low above the sand on the right and a light fog gently rolling over the ridge on the left, lit up by the morning light. This image is created from 3 vertical shots, stitched together in Hugin, and post-processed in Lightroom.

Indonesia | Padar Island Panorama

Indonesia | Padar Island Panorama

Tucked between Komodo island and Rinca island in Komodo National Park, Padar island is one of the common stops on a day trip to the National Park. And for one very good reason – the view from the top is INCREDIBLE. There are three bays, separated by a narrow piece of land; each bay has a different sand color. It’s a very hot hike to the top (about 45 minutes) but well worth the heat and sweat.

This panorama is a composite of 3 vertical shots, stitched together using Hugin panorama software.

Indonesia | Mt. Bromo Sunrise

Mt. Bromo Sunrise

This is a view of Mt. Bromo, on Java in Indonesia, as the sunlight begins to filter over the horizon. This shot was taken just a few minutes after my previous one (see the comments section below), and the stars are already a lot less visible.

I really liked the contrast between the deep blue sky and the foreground colors – not long after this the sky and clouds developed a lot more pink and orange.