Paris | Arc de Triomphe View

Paris | Arc de Triomphe View

Paris, you beauty – what a shame you’ve become a zoo with all the mass tourism these days! Still – with a little bit of elevation and framing you can almost forget the crowds around you 🙂


Indonesia | Yogyakarta Street

Indonesia | Yogyakarta Street

Yogyakarta, near the southern cost of Java, is a convenient base for exploring the nearby temples of Borobudur (the largest Buddhist temple in the world) and Prambanan (an ancient Hindu temple). However, the city is also a cultural center and a great place for street photography. The core of the city, just south of the main train station, hosts dozens of food stalls and warungs, with the streets full of becaks (cycle rickshaws) and young locals playing popular songs on the guitar to customers of the warungs, which serve great food at cheap prices. If none of that is what you’re looking for, then you can always go shopping for batik – you don’t need to look for the vendors, they’ll find you!