South Africa | Chapman’s Peak Drive

South Africa | Chapman's Peak Drive

The road from Noordhoek to Hout Bay, just south of Cape Town in South Africa, twists and turns as it follows the coastline around it’s namesake, the mountain called Chapman’s Peak. Parts of the coastline are nearly vertical, and the mountainside has been cut away to build the road. It’s a spectacular drive, especially in the late afternoon when the golden afternoon sun rays light up the cliffs.

Yangon Banana Stall

Yangon Banana Stall
On my last day in Myanmar, I went for a walk through downtown Yangon before heading to Shwedagon Pagoda for sunset.  Down one street near the river, I came across this shop selling bananas – every type you could imagine!  Yellow, green, brown, large, small… I’ve never seen such a wide variety of bananas in my life!

Karl-Marx-Allee Blue Hour


I was out on Karl-Marx-Allee in the early evening today to take some “blue hour” shots with my Hoya NDX400 filter (9 stops) – the filter blurs movement of vehicles and clouds, and adds a nice blue hue to the sky.  I’m a big fan of it for city shots and pretty much anything that has water in it!  After taking some shots I got in my car to drive home and as I pulled away, I heard on the radio an announcement warning drivers that there was a speed radar on the road.  It took me a second to realize – someone had seen me standing the middle of the road with my camera and tripod, and had reported me as a speed radar!