Indonesia | Mt. Bromo Panorama

Indonesia | Mt. Bromo Panorama

One of the highlights of a visit to Indonesia is watching the sunrise at Mt. Bromo, in eastern Java. This is a view of Bromo and the Sea of Sand, with clouds gathered low above the sand on the right and a light fog gently rolling over the ridge on the left, lit up by the morning light. This image is created from 3 vertical shots, stitched together in Hugin, and post-processed in Lightroom.

Indonesia | Gili Trawangan Sunrise

Indonesia | Gili Trawangan Sunrise

A short boat ride from the island of Lombok, lie the three Gili Islands – Meno, Air and Trawangan. We spent a couple of days on Gili Trawangan snorkeling with wild sea turtles and enjoying life on a “secluded island” – in the end Trawangan is the biggest party island of all three, so it’s not at all secluded, but with no motorized transport of any kind it still has a unique atmosphere!

From Gili Trawangan you get a fantastic view of Lombok, including it’s highest peak, the volcano Mount Rinjani. I got up one morning to watch the sunrise; from where I was the sun came up just next to Mount Rinjani. As it came above the horizon, it bathed the landscape in a beautiful golden color.

Indonesia | Borobudur Sunrise

Indonesia | Borobudur Sunrise

Another highlight of my trip to Indonesia was watching the sunrise over Borobudur, built in the 9th century and today is the largest Buddhist temple in the world. It’s located just outside of the city of Yogyakarta. Unfortunately a lot of tourists go to see the sunrise, so you’re hardly alone at the top! I found it even worse than Bagan in Myanmar – at least there you have hundreds of temples which you can watch the sunrise from, whereas at Borobudur there is just the one. It means you need to bring your patience with you in order to get shots without people! You also have to search for different angles, as the side where the sun rises is covered in people. Still worth it though when I see this shot!

Indonesia | Mt. Bromo Sunrise

Mt. Bromo Sunrise

This is a view of Mt. Bromo, on Java in Indonesia, as the sunlight begins to filter over the horizon. This shot was taken just a few minutes after my previous one (see the comments section below), and the stars are already a lot less visible.

I really liked the contrast between the deep blue sky and the foreground colors – not long after this the sky and clouds developed a lot more pink and orange.

Indonesia | Mt. Bromo Sunrise

Mt. Bromo Sunrise

I just got back from a long trip through Indonesia – covering Java, Bali, Lombok and Flores. One of the (many) highlights was watching the sunrise over Mt. Bromo, on the island of Java.

We arrived at the popular viewing point around 3am, and were the first people there, which meant we were able to get the best spots. We just had to wait in the cold wind until 4:30am for the sun to show itself!

While we waited, I took some long exposure shots to catch the vast array of starts visible above the volcanoes. On the plain in front of Mt. Bromo you can see the light trail left behind by the jeeps taking visitors to other viewing points. And then I got lucky – during one of my long exposures, a shooting star suddenly appeared over the volcano!

Austria | Oetz Valley Sunrise

Austria | Oetz Valley Sunrise

The first stop on my recent trip to Austria was in Marlstein, in the Oetz Valley (Ötztal).  There’s a great hotel there with rooms with beautiful views out over the nearby mountain range.  I’m generally a light sleeper, and the sun woke me as it started to peak up on our first morning there.

Dolomites – Lago di Braies Sunrise

Dolomites - Lago di Braies Sunrise

During my trip to the Dolomites, I was staying a short drive from the picturesque Lago di Braies (Pragser Wildsee), so I went there each morning hoping for a nice sunrise.  The first two days were cloudy and nothing special, but the last day was beautiful with nice colors both in the sky and in the trees surrounding the lake.

Unfortunately the lake is very popular as it’s easily accessible, which meant that there were of course several other photographers around me.  That doesn’t always bother me, but in this case there was a group of 4 who weren’t standing right next to each other but wanted to talk – so they were shouting at each other!  Great way to ruin a beautiful sunrise… if you’re shooting with fellow photographers, please keep in mind that some people also want to enjoy the nature in peace and quiet!!

Seyðisfjörður – Morning Panorama

Seyðisfjörður - Morning Panorama

More than a year ago I took 2 shots in the beautiful town of Seyðisfjörður in eastern Iceland – you know the type; good enough to keep, but not special enough to post. Then recently I decided to look back through my pictures and came across these 2 shots which just so happened to be taken from the same spot but looking at slightly different angles – perfect for a panorama!