Sri Lanka | Peacock

Sri Lanka | Peacock

A male peacock displays his magnificent tail feathers early in the morning in Yala National Park, Sri Lanka.


South Africa | Bottlenose Dolphin

South Africa | Bottlenose Dolphin

Boats… not exactly a love affair of mine. I have a few too many stories involving uncomfortable or dangerous ferries, large waves, and, well, vomiting! This one wasn’t all that different! I took a boat from Knysna on the coast of South Africa; the harbor is in a very calm lagoon, with only a narrow passage out to the open water (known as the Knysna Heads). As soon as we got out – big swell accompanied by the usual nausea!

But it was worth it – we saw seals, an African penguin, plenty of bird life, and a pod of bottlenose dolphins feeding in the waves just off the beach nearby. It was difficult to take pictures with the big waves, but I managed to get the timing and framing just right with this one.

South Africa | Boulders Beach Penguin

South Africa | Boulders Beach Penguin

Who doesn’t love penguins?? At Boulders Beach, near Cape Town in South Africa, you’ll find a colony of several thousand African penguins. Unfortunately they’re endangered and numbers are declining, but at Boulders Beach they’ve done a good job to create an environment where they can live and reproduce relatively safely.