Austria | Salzburg Blue Hour

Austria | Salzburg Blue Hour

The city of Salzburg sits on the Salzbach river, near the border with Germany. The old town sits on and around the Salzburg hill (literally “Salt Fortress”). From the river there are beautiful views of the city and surrounding mountains. This shot was taken at blue hour during my visit last summer.

Austria | Oetz Valley Sunrise

Austria | Oetz Valley Sunrise

The first stop on my recent trip to Austria was in Marlstein, in the Oetz Valley (Ötztal).  There’s a great hotel there with rooms with beautiful views out over the nearby mountain range.  I’m generally a light sleeper, and the sun woke me as it started to peak up on our first morning there.

Vienna – Belvedere Sunset

Vienna - Belvedere Sunset

I was in Vienna for the weekend, and chose the Belvedere for my sunset and blue hour shooting location.  I was hoping to get a shot of the Belvedere lit up reflecting in the water in front, with a beautiful blue hour sky behind.  In the end, there was a thin misty layer of cloud which meant that the sky was mostly grey and there wasn’t much of a blue hour!  Luckily the thin wisps of mist caught the pink light as the sun went down, so I got this 2 minute long exposure shot and didn’t waste my time completely!