Wadi Rum Sunset Panorama

Wadi Rum Sunset Panorama

Wadi Rum was one of the highlights of my visit to Jordan. I spent one night camping in the desert and watched the sunset from the top of a rocky outcrop. The weather was perfect – cloudless and not too warm. A few other people were around (at the base of the outcrop on the left and some on the plain below), but otherwise it was a very tranquil and peaceful spot. A highly recommended experience for anyone visiting Jordan!

Indonesia | Padar Island Panorama

Indonesia | Padar Island Panorama

Getting to the top of Padar Island is hard work in the heat – but so worth it for the view from the top. We did a day trip around Komodo National Park, leaving from Labuanbajo at sunrise. Our first stop was Padar Island, but even first thing in the morning it was incredibly hot. The 45 minute hike up with no shade didn’t help, but come one – for that view I’d happily do it again!

Indonesia | Mt. Bromo Panorama

Indonesia | Mt. Bromo Panorama

One of the highlights of a visit to Indonesia is watching the sunrise at Mt. Bromo, in eastern Java. This is a view of Bromo and the Sea of Sand, with clouds gathered low above the sand on the right and a light fog gently rolling over the ridge on the left, lit up by the morning light. This image is created from 3 vertical shots, stitched together in Hugin, and post-processed in Lightroom.

Austria | Oetz Valley Sunrise

Austria | Oetz Valley Sunrise

The first stop on my recent trip to Austria was in Marlstein, in the Oetz Valley (Ötztal).  There’s a great hotel there with rooms with beautiful views out over the nearby mountain range.  I’m generally a light sleeper, and the sun woke me as it started to peak up on our first morning there.

Dolomites – Laghi di Piani Reflection

Dolomites - Laghi di Piani Reflection

This is a composite of six shots, resulting in a 50.6 MP panorama. It’s shot in the Dolomties at the Laghi di Piani, which are two small lakes just below the Rifugio Locatelli, near the famous Tre Cime peaks. It was a beautiful, windless day, resulting in incredible reflections of the surrounding peaks.

The six shots were combined using Hugin software and subsequently post-processed in Lightroom.

Seyðisfjörður – Morning Panorama

Seyðisfjörður - Morning Panorama

More than a year ago I took 2 shots in the beautiful town of Seyðisfjörður in eastern Iceland – you know the type; good enough to keep, but not special enough to post. Then recently I decided to look back through my pictures and came across these 2 shots which just so happened to be taken from the same spot but looking at slightly different angles – perfect for a panorama!

Inle Lake Boatmen

Inle Lake Boatmen - Black and White

Inle Lake is a feast for a photographer – stilted houses, birds, fishermen, misty mornings…

From Nyaung Shwe, a small town just north of Inle Lake, we took a boat out onto the lake. The first stretch is via a canal, but as soon as you float out into the lake itself, you can see fishermen at work up close and far away. With the mist and bright morning light on the horizon, these two really stood out from the background and were just asking to be shot in black and white!

Bangkok Rooftop Panorama


I just got back from a 3 week trip to Myanmar (aka Burma) – it was a fantastic trip, with trekking, friendly people, beautiful temples – and a perfect beach to relax on at the end! I have a very full memory card to post-process as well – it will keep me busy for a while! So expect many, many shots in the near future 😉

To start with, I spent one night in Bangkok at the beginning of my trip, before flying to Yangon. I went to the Red Sky Bar in the evening to watch the sunset from the 55th floor. The sunset wasn’t that special because of the humidity haze, but the view was still spectacular!

This is a panorama of 3 shots stitched together with Hugin, then post-processed in Lightroom.