USA | Castle Hill Light

USA | Castle Hill Light

I spent a day in Newport, Rhode Island – a beautiful town to wander around with historic buildings. It’s a haunt of the rich and famous with incredible mansions built on the shoreline over the last century, some of which are now open to the public to visit. Nearby is this small lighthouse, built in 1890, called the Castle Hill Light.

South Africa | Bottlenose Dolphin

South Africa | Bottlenose Dolphin

Boats… not exactly a love affair of mine. I have a few too many stories involving uncomfortable or dangerous ferries, large waves, and, well, vomiting! This one wasn’t all that different! I took a boat from Knysna on the coast of South Africa; the harbor is in a very calm lagoon, with only a narrow passage out to the open water (known as the Knysna Heads). As soon as we got out – big swell accompanied by the usual nausea!

But it was worth it – we saw seals, an African penguin, plenty of bird life, and a pod of bottlenose dolphins feeding in the waves just off the beach nearby. It was difficult to take pictures with the big waves, but I managed to get the timing and framing just right with this one.

Indonesia | Gili Trawangan Sunrise

Indonesia | Gili Trawangan Sunrise

A short boat ride from the island of Lombok, lie the three Gili Islands – Meno, Air and Trawangan. We spent a couple of days on Gili Trawangan snorkeling with wild sea turtles and enjoying life on a “secluded island” – in the end Trawangan is the biggest party island of all three, so it’s not at all secluded, but with no motorized transport of any kind it still has a unique atmosphere!

From Gili Trawangan you get a fantastic view of Lombok, including it’s highest peak, the volcano Mount Rinjani. I got up one morning to watch the sunrise; from where I was the sun came up just next to Mount Rinjani. As it came above the horizon, it bathed the landscape in a beautiful golden color.

Slovenia | Bled Island

Slovenia | Bled Island

This is a view of the island in the middle of Lake Bled, shot from one of the row boats available for rent. It only takes about 10-15 minutes to row out to the island, which has a church and café on it. The lake water has a beautiful blue hue to it thanks to the minerals that have dissolved in it, and here the color of the sky is beautifully matched by the water.

Italy | Lago di Braies

Italy | Lago di Braies

This is a view of the Lago di Braies in Italy, taken from the top of the steps of the boathouse, leading down to the rowboats available for rent.  It’s probably the most overdone shot of the lake… but when you’re there, you’ve got to do it!

Hot Air Balloon over Trakai

Hot Air Balloon over Trakai

Trakai is located just over half an hour by bus from Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.  It’s main attraction is a beautiful restored castle on an island in the middle of the adjacent lake.  It’s worth spending a night in Trakai – to see the sunset and sunrise and to see the town without all the day-trip tourists!

Ngapali Beach: Fishing Nets

Ngapali Beach: Fishing Nets
At the end of my trip through Myanmar, I spent a few days relaxing at Ngapali Beach, a short flight west of Yangon. A brief walk south along the beach was a small fishing village; one morning (before it got too hot to do anything!) I wandered down the beach to take a look.

The men who had been out fishing during the night were busy packing up their nets and equipment, mooring their boats, and preparing everything for the next night of fishing.