Introducing… my YouTube Channel!

I’ve been working on a (vaguely) “secret” project in the last few weeks – creating short time lapse clips around Berlin and stitching them together to make a video.  I’ve never shot time lapse before so this was an experiment for me and a fun new project.  It requires shooting with a tripod every few seconds and then stitching them together.  I used LRTimelapse software to do the stitching, and a Triggertrap cable and smartphone app to trigger a shot every few seconds.

I’m relatively happy with the result, but as always there is some trial and error involved and I didn’t always get what I wanted.  There’s definitely room for improvement, and the lessons I’ve learned will of course be applied to my next attempt!

I’ve uploaded the video to YouTube and added a link to my YouTube channel in the menu above.  Without further ado, here is the final result: