Slovenia | Vintgar Gorge

Slovenia | Vintgar Gorge

This is a view of the Vintgar Gorge in Slovenia, located near the beautiful Lake Bled.  A wooden walkway follows the river path through the gorge, and it takes about 30-40 minutes to walk from one end to the other – unless, like me, you constantly stop to take pictures!

Karl-Marx-Allee Blue Hour


I was out on Karl-Marx-Allee in the early evening today to take some “blue hour” shots with my Hoya NDX400 filter (9 stops) – the filter blurs movement of vehicles and clouds, and adds a nice blue hue to the sky.  I’m a big fan of it for city shots and pretty much anything that has water in it!  After taking some shots I got in my car to drive home and as I pulled away, I heard on the radio an announcement warning drivers that there was a speed radar on the road.  It took me a second to realize – someone had seen me standing the middle of the road with my camera and tripod, and had reported me as a speed radar!