Sri Lanka | Peacock

Sri Lanka | Peacock

A male peacock displays his magnificent tail feathers early in the morning in Yala National Park, Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka | Central Highlands Train

Sri Lanka | Central Highlands Train

This is a shot of the train from Colombo heading up into the central highlands of Sri Lanka.

Often referred to as the most beautiful train journey in the world, I have to say that the scenery is stunning. Initially it’s flat terrain, passing through rice paddies and fields, but eventually you head up into the mountains passing through countless tea plantations. Here the train is going round a bend in the tracks, with a tea plantation rising up behind it.

Sri Lanka | Galle Face Green Vendor

Sri Lanka | Galle Face Green Vendor

Galle Face Green is a large open public space in central Colombo, right on the coast.  In the evenings, dozens of people head here after work, to talk with friends, meet significant others, to play with their children, and to eat.  It’s a busy place, and great for seeing some of the local people.  Here, a vendor with his stall is selling food.

Kandy Poya Day Dancers


My visit to Kandy in Sri Lanka coincided with a Poya Day – a full moon day, which is always a public holiday in Sri Lanka and they are used to commemorate important Buddhist events.  This meant that there were hundreds of people singing, dancing, and playing music in the streets, in a procession starting from the Temple of the Sacred Tooth.  These men were doing a traditional dance, accompanied by drummers (in the background).

Sri Lankan Fishing Boat

Sri Lankan Fishing BoatA traditional wooden fishing boat on the beach at Koggala, southern Sri Lanka.  These boats are still used to catch fish, which is then sold at markets right next to the beach.  You can’t get fish fresher than that!  A typical fish market in the nearby city of Galle can be seen here and here.