Skaftafell Glacier

Skaftafell Glacier
This is a shot of one of the immense glaciers meandering down the mountains in Skaftafell national park in eastern Iceland.

I spent most of the day hiking in the park – with the weather alternating between sunny and warm, and cold and raining! Typical Icelandic weather… At the end of the day I got back to my car and was heading back to my hotel, when I spotted a small road heading off towards a glacier in the distance. I followed it, and boy was it worth it! At the end of the road – a beautiful view of this glacier with a light blue tinge.


Perast and the Bay of Kotor

Perast and the Bay of Kotor

A view of the town of Perast on the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro.  This was taken from a boat heading out to one of two man-made islands in the bay, called Our Lady of the Rocks.  There is a small Roman Catholic church on the island which is open for visitors, but for me the highlight was the view back towards Perast.  I was also very lucky with my timing – as I arrived a boat left the island with a big group of tourists, leaving just me and two other people on the island.

Seyðisfjörður – Morning Panorama

Seyðisfjörður - Morning Panorama

More than a year ago I took 2 shots in the beautiful town of Seyðisfjörður in eastern Iceland – you know the type; good enough to keep, but not special enough to post. Then recently I decided to look back through my pictures and came across these 2 shots which just so happened to be taken from the same spot but looking at slightly different angles – perfect for a panorama!