Indonesia | Blue Stone Beach

Indonesia | Blue Stone Beach

A few dozen kilometers west of Ende on the island of Flores in Indonesia lies Blue Stone Beach. It’s named after the beautiful blue stones that wash up on the shore. Apparently it used to be covered in them and locals have gradually taken them away (presumably to sell) – but there are still plenty lying around on the black volcanic sand.

South Africa | Tsitsikamma NP Waterfall Trail Hike

South Africa | Tsitsikamma NP Waterfall Trail Hike

Tsitsikamma National Park lies just east of Plettenberg Bay, and is most famous for the Otter Trail, a multi-day trail 44km long which follows the coastline. We only had half a day, so did the Waterfall Trail, which is actually the first few km of the Otter Trail and leads to a waterfall (the name kind of gave that one away!) There wasn’t much water flowing when we got there, but it’s a beautiful hike (and relatively challenging) with stunning coastal views along the way.

Wadi Rum Cat


During my visit to Jordan a couple of years ago, I spent 2 days in the desert in Wadi Rum.  At the beginning of my visit I was taken to this rocky outcrop, with stunning views of the surrounding desert, with steep rocky hills in the distance.  It’s a very harsh, barren landscape – so I was extremely surprised to suddenly see a cat appear from the shade of the rocks ahead of me!  She wasn’t hungry or thirsty, she was just happy to have some company!

Skaftafell Glacier

Skaftafell Glacier
This is a shot of one of the immense glaciers meandering down the mountains in Skaftafell national park in eastern Iceland.

I spent most of the day hiking in the park – with the weather alternating between sunny and warm, and cold and raining! Typical Icelandic weather… At the end of the day I got back to my car and was heading back to my hotel, when I spotted a small road heading off towards a glacier in the distance. I followed it, and boy was it worth it! At the end of the road – a beautiful view of this glacier with a light blue tinge.

Stormy Reynisfjara Beach

Stormy Reynisfjara Beach

This is Reynisfjara Beach in southern Iceland, near the town of Vik, shot on a stormy afternoon in early October.  There were two other photographers on the beach at the same time, and we were all busy taking pictures not paying particular attention to the waves.  All of a sudden a huge wave washed up the beach – so the three of us were suddenly running in front of the wave, carrying our cameras on tripods, trying to avoid getting wet!  Definitely one of the funniest photography moments I’ve had!  We all had a laugh together after, and of course paid more attention to the waves after that!

Wadi Rum Camels

Wadi Rum CamelsWild camels used to roam the deserts of the Middle East; these days they are widely used for racing and, as a result, there are no wild camels left in Jordan.  The camels above are owned by local Bedouin people, but have been hobbled and are then allowed to roam the desert of Wadi Rum to graze for months at a time, without travelling too far away from “home”.  In the background a baby camel, only a few days old, is still learning to walk.