Italy | Lago di Braies

Italy | Lago di Braies

Right now it’s 28 degrees C and sunny where I’m sitting, but I was going through some older pictures from September last year when I spent a week in northern Italy, and I came across this one.  Just looking at it makes me want to sit down next to a fire with a good book!

It was a cloudy morning at the beautiful Lago di Braies; I went super early to try to catch the sunrise, but with the thick low cloud cover I had no chance!  It was still worth the visit though, since it’s a beautiful spot regardless of the weather, and it was almost deserted since it was low season, early in the morning, and the weather was bad.

I post-processed this one in Lightroom by lowering the vibrance to make it appear colder; the autumnal orange and yellow trees in the background still give it some warmth though.  I’m pretty happy with how this one turned out in the end, even though I didn’t have high hopes due to the weather!

Stormy Reynisfjara Beach

Stormy Reynisfjara Beach

This is Reynisfjara Beach in southern Iceland, near the town of Vik, shot on a stormy afternoon in early October.  There were two other photographers on the beach at the same time, and we were all busy taking pictures not paying particular attention to the waves.  All of a sudden a huge wave washed up the beach – so the three of us were suddenly running in front of the wave, carrying our cameras on tripods, trying to avoid getting wet!  Definitely one of the funniest photography moments I’ve had!  We all had a laugh together after, and of course paid more attention to the waves after that!