Indonesia | Mt. Bromo Panorama

Indonesia | Mt. Bromo Panorama

One of the highlights of a visit to Indonesia is watching the sunrise at Mt. Bromo, in eastern Java. This is a view of Bromo and the Sea of Sand, with clouds gathered low above the sand on the right and a light fog gently rolling over the ridge on the left, lit up by the morning light. This image is created from 3 vertical shots, stitched together in Hugin, and post-processed in Lightroom.

Indonesia | Mt. Bromo Sunrise

Mt. Bromo Sunrise

This is a view of Mt. Bromo, on Java in Indonesia, as the sunlight begins to filter over the horizon. This shot was taken just a few minutes after my previous one (see the comments section below), and the stars are already a lot less visible.

I really liked the contrast between the deep blue sky and the foreground colors – not long after this the sky and clouds developed a lot more pink and orange.



The island of Santorini, a few hundred kilometers north of the island of Crete, assumed its present form when a volcano violently erupted, resulting in a collapsed caldera.  Several villages now reside at the top of the caldera cliffs, one of which is the island’s capital, Fira, shown above.  Another village on the island, Oia, is a great place to watch the sun setting over the Mediterranean Sea.