Riga – Central Market Honey Stall

Riga - Central Market Honey Stall

This is a shot of a woman selling honey at a stall in Riga’s Central Market. ┬áThe market is enormous – occupying five old German Zeppelin hangars. ┬áThere are stalls selling fish, bread, fruit and vegetables, clothes… you name it, you can find it!


Riga – Blackheads House at Blue Hour

Riga - Blackheads House at Blue Hour

A shot of Riga’s Blackheads House, taken during the evening blue hour with a Hoya ND400 filter.

The Blackheads House was built in the 14th century for unmarried German merchants in the city. It was basically a fraternity for the bachelors to go wild – who knows what kind of parties went on there!

It was completely destroyed by the Germans (bombed in 1941) and the Soviets (flattened the remaining ruins in 1948) and was finally rebuilt in the late 1990s, using the original blueprints which (somehow) miraculously survived.