Indonesia | Traditional Weaver

Indonesia | Traditional Weaver

High up in the hills on the island of Flores in Indonesia are several beautiful Ngada villages, where traditional ways of life are still relatively well preserved. We rented a motorbike for the day and headed out on our own to visit several of these villages.

The Ngada villages tend to be centered around an open space with graves and structures commemorating their ancestors.

For some reason Luba village is far less visited than Bena village, even though they are right next door, and this means that the people of Luba are far more open and curious about visitors.

This woman was weaving outside her house in Luba village, a short drive from the town of Bajawa. The village is home to several family clans, and although they are catholic they also retain animalistic beliefs; these are reflected in their weavings and in the paintings and carvings that adorn the houses.

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